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name pinklyeverafter  
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subject Fairy Dusted Magical Seira Fuku set

Set of sailor uniform top with detachable bow, 3-colored skirt, twinkling tulle overskirt, and magnificent twinkling star tulle magical cape.
The sailor collar has unique detail such as dangling plushie star charms.
The picture is far inadequate to deliver to you the true sparkle of this fairy-dusted overskirt, but it will dazzle you with it's magical charm when you see this in person. It looks like thousand twinkling stars spread among galaxy.
The skirt will be made really personal for you since it will have appliqué of your name on it.
It is a magical seal that shows you are the owner of this magical outfit ☆

Wear just the top and the skirt for your daily life, but when you need to transform to a magical girl, put on the overskirt and the cape, and the total outlook will shine with the overflowing magical power~!!!★

Shoulder 14"
Bust 38"
Waist 36"
Length 16"

Waist 23"-48"
Length 16"

Thursday, 11.06
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