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name pinklyeverafter  
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subject Cherry Berry Bear Dress

Dolly dress for a cute girl in a fairy tale ♬
Cute and heart-warming prints of cherries, berries and teddy bears ♥
It looks so much cuter when it is actually worn, and it makes your body line look really dollly and cute >_< ☆
Comes with a seperate apron and a detachable bow ☆
(Red polka dot bows on the front bodice are not detachable and the bows on the sleeves are detachable)

<< Sizes (inch) >>
Small: Bust 35", Waist 27", Length 29"
Medium: Bust 39", Waist 31", Length 31"

Custom sizes available!
Please add this to your shopping cart if you want custom size and length:

Thursday, 11.06
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