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name pinklyeverafter  
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subject Queen Serenity Peignoir

Beautiful see-through top made with polka dot flocked soft pink tulle ☆
This peignoir is very lengthy and gives gorgeous feeling of a dress that Queen Serenity of the Moon will wear for her fairy kei coronation ^_^ ★
You can wear blouse, T-shirt or any inner of your choice to create your own unique magical coordination ^_^
The back has a detachable bow with a long, full veil/tail made with similar pink polka dot flocked tulle, but stiffer (so stays better in shape)~
The bow also has ultra sparkly fabric underneath the tulle to top off the magical aura of this piece ^_^

Bust measurement 30"~60"
Front length 40"
Back bow tail length 44"

Thursday, 11.06
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