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name pinklyeverafter  
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subject Sailor Moon Is My Great Grandma Peignoir

This special piece, full of moonlight magic power, is fit for the magical girl who inherited the blood of our legendary magical queen, Sailor Moon ★

Made with fairy wings, silver linings, and pieces of your favorurite dream~♡
Soft pastel colours and feather-like lightness will make you feel like you are still in your favourite dream and you will never wake up !!

Double layered with soft baby pink heart flocked tulle on the bottom and soft baby blue heart flocked tulle on the top~
Decorated with sheer lilac and baby blue laces and shee white frills ♥
Pink Organza bow with sparkly heart and two small pink satin bows with heart gem stones are detachable !
Shirred around the bust and open on the front, so many sizes can fit in comfortably ♬

Upper Bust: 30"-44"
Under Bust: 27"-41
Length: 27"

(It doesn't include the petticoat under)

Thursday, 11.06
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