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name pinklyeverafter  
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subject Winter Magical Fairy set♡

Pinkly Ever After presents special magical set to transforn you into the cutest magical girl~!!!☆
The set includes salopette/JSK and the magical wand~ > 3< ☆♪♬
The salopette/JSK is made of fluffy twinkling baby pink fabric and fuzzy cream laces♡
Bust is free size and waist is custom-made(24"-50") ^_^ Length is 27~33 inches★
The magical wand makes all sorts of charming magical sounds that makes you live a real magical girl's life (Refer to your favorite magical girl anime~ They always have magical sound effect whatever they do☆).
Not just that, the wand will play numbers of magical songs for you to dance to, just in case you want to be a magical idol as your side job when you are not fighting evil aliens♥
Prepare yourself, because there is no turning back.
Once you receive this package, you will no longer be a normal, regular girl.
Make a contract with Pinkly Ever After fairy, and you are a magical girl~!!!

Custom size available: http://pinklyeverafter.storenvy.com/products/3429723-custom-size-for-dresses
(Add this to your cart and let us know your exact size)

Thursday, 11.06
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